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Our Mission and Goals
What does DAD do?

Our goal is to bring about changes in the domestic laws of our state to empower divorced fathers as equal partners in parenting. Our purpose is to allow fathers to father, mothers to mother, and for children to receive the love and support of both parents. Our belief is that everyone will benefit: fathers, mothers, grandparents -- but especially children.

  1. We educate the public, policy makers, and the media on the importance of fathers. We provide research data that illuminate gender biased, anti-father public policies which interfere with the healthy development of children. We provide alternative shared parenting solutions to lawmakers and the courts to create more positive results for children and both parents.

  2. We provide moral support to people suffering from impaired time with their children due to divorce or unwed parenthood. Although we do not dispense legal advice, we serve as a clearinghouse for citizens to access information and support that are available in our community. We provide a channel for the energies of citizens to effect compassionate changes toward our common goal of ensuring children the right to have two fully involved parents in their lives.

  3. We build local organizations throughout the state to educate non-custodial parents, grandparents, second wives, and others who are concerned about the child-father bond. Interested citizens can take part in the vital activities of the organization as supporters and officers. Monthly meetings are held with programs covering many topics of interest, including guest speakers such as judges, legislators, psychologists, and other leaders.

  4. We execute research to find the most equitable and beneficial solutions to domestic conflict. We locate expert studies and research the laws of other states to find better ways of handling divorce and post-divorce settlements. Progressive laws, fair judicial applications, and public education are key steps toward achieving our goal of decreasing divorce conflict by standardizing shared parenting solutions. The ultimate goal is to produce happier, healthier children.

  5. We speak as the strongest voice of divorced fathers in Tennessee. We invite all fathers married, single or divorced - and other concerned citizens to stand up for the essential and irreplaceable role fathers play in their children's lives. You contribute to this movement by getting involved with a local chapter, by educating yourself on the issues, and by supporting DAD. By contacting your legislators regarding these issues and registering to vote, you will involve yourself in the process to change domestic laws.

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The Best Parent is BOTH parents!

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